so now i am leaning more towards this podcast thing, and i might try to see about getting some kind of shoutcastish thing set up on my mac for random broadcoasts of non-creative commons music. we’ll see. i am feeling more motivated lately to give it a shot, i am slow to act but if i am thinking about it then it will happen soon.

the other day someone emailed me wanting to know what i look like. although it is of little consequence, if you go to thesquarerootofevil.com you will find some pictures. they are very idm though, so not too clear ;).


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  1. hxa7241 Says:

    As to the pics: Well, maybe I am a little disappointed. I mean, where are the geeky glasses?!??

    As to the podcast: Be sure to include some geekmusic2 angle as well…

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