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no more

October 1, 2007

geekmusic 1 and 2 are no longer on the air. it is a sad day for me, but i just didn’t have the time or money to keep them going. i still hope to do the podcast thing soon, i am on the lookout for suitable music as i write. i am very grateful to everyone who tuned in, and sorry that it kid of fizzled out there at the end.


June 2, 2006


so now i am leaning more towards this podcast thing, and i might try to see about getting some kind of shoutcastish thing set up on my mac for random broadcoasts of non-creative commons music. we’ll see. i am feeling more motivated lately to give it a shot, i am slow to act but if i am thinking about it then it will happen soon.

the other day someone emailed me wanting to know what i look like. although it is of little consequence, if you go to you will find some pictures. they are very idm though, so not too clear ;).

this is a blog

March 29, 2006

we'll see where this goes, but the username was free so of course i had to take it….. i expect it to be periodically ranting and periodically not updated. but i will do my best.

as many people have noticed, i haven't really updated the geekmusic stations in awhile. this is because i have gotten too busy doing my own music on top of working far too many hours a day. so…. i am thinking about either starting a weekly or biweekly shoutcast station, or a podcast. the shoutcast station would be fun cause i could play whatever i want without having to worry about copyright (cause it's streaming) but it's a bit harder because it would have to have some sort of structure (as far as a set in stone date and time). the podcast would be a bit harder cause i would have to find creative commons music (of which i know there is a lot of, and a lot of good stuff at that- i'm just not as familiar) but i could do it at my leisure. so we shall see…..