hello again

geekmusic is back, but not regularly online at the moment. although i have uploaded a few sets to 8tracks.

i am djing at a local night, 2 times a month, 1st and 3rd thursday. Bonz.ai!!!!!!

you probably saw that at the main page if you are reading this on my site. we play idm, techno, and electro, with the occasional smattering of some other abstractish electronic offerings. we try to have 1 guest dj every time, and so far i’ve been very proud of what this city has to offer. so if you’re able, please come on down and meet some nice people, have a drink or a bite to eat, and listen to good music. 🙂


3 Responses to “hello again”

  1. David Says:

    Yes! Geekmusic is back! I am happy I randomly decided to check if the site was still up.

  2. Marakame Says:

    Guys what’s happens with GeekMusic ? Vancouver missing some glitchy noisy vibes. Let’s get together and spin some vinyl and have some fun ? : )

  3. phylissmalone81117 Says:

    Baby… ;)) *Hug ‘n Kiss*Yupz… Already Been BOOKED siapa2 yang “ngintip” ;)), gx papa koq beyb, asal mereka gx “macem-macem” qta juga gx bakal macem-macem ma mereka hehehehe…Lagunya t’inspirasi pas qta ngobrolin bout our future, makanya i’ll always be right there 4 u…Luv u so much, baby… Click https://twitter.com/moooker1

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